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Piano House is a curated event series designed to take party goers on an immersive music experience combining DJ sets with live instrumentation to showcase South Africa’s booming electronic music genre, Amapiano. 

With it's inception at London's Shoreditch House and event partnerships with brands including Apha Industries, BALR, Only the Blind and Sergio Tacchinni, Piano House has become a popular night for Soho House and it's members.



Larah Records is a London-based independent record label and event management company founded in 2020 by Larry Koomson (aka Larizzle).  

At Larah Records we work with artists who have a deep love and creative talent for making African electronic music. Our vision is to provide a well-rounded and truly nurturing package for our artists, through prioritising their mental wellbeing. We recognise the paramount importance of this,
especially when the mind is wanting to create.


We acknowledge the reality that creative blocks can hit unexpectedly and that  adverse life experiencescan sometimes prevent truly talented the artists from
fully accessing their potential.

Whether to overcome anxiety, imposter syndrome, or lack of direction and mentorship, Larah Records works mindfully with the artist as soon as they sign their contracts to reassure them their mental wellbeing is part of the package too.

Through Event curation, we are growing an ever expanding cultural cummunity for creatives and partygoers alike. We aim to bring people together through the enjoyment and celebration of African electronic music. 

Above all, we want to make sure that African music can be created and celebrated with a full heart and true peace of mind.


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